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15th October 2018 / 0


“I would recommend this course to anyone”

“The content of the Train the Trainer course and the knowledge Mike has as a trainer, is just amazing. I started the course with very little confidence, but little by little, being trained on how to deal with the “shouty one” or the “quiet one”, and learning different techniques on how to take the attention from me was just brilliant – it gave me lots more confidence, especially for the last day.


The thought of delivering a training course, does still leave me feeling a little nervous, however, the tools and tips that I have been given from you, are just going to make the whole experience less frightening and hopefully, more enjoyable.


Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to stand up (or sit), in front of a group of people, put them at ease and deliver a “fun” training course.


I would honestly recommend this course to anyone!”


Laura Short; Risk Manager


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