Customer Care Programme

“Interesting, practical tasks that were well thought out. All relevant to what we do – learned loads.”

“Engaging activities linked to our working environment.”

“Training sessions were not too long – just right. Pitch & pace were good and easy to understand/keep up.”

“Very useful information – good to know how to approach different situations/customers.”

“Educational & involving.”

“Never got bored – engaging and the sessions never dragged on.”

“Funny Guy! Entertaining style & approach. Interaction was friendly & approachable.”

“No humiliation.”

“Very knowledgeable yet wasn’t boring us with just facts – made it very interactive and fun.”

“Catered to our job roles.”

“Different activities throughout the modules kept us engaged. Great team working activities.”

“Liked the layout of the modules – they fitted in well with our work and related directly to us.”

“Learned new skills I will use with our clients.”

“Fresh approach.”

“Supporting materials were brill – flip charts were engaging & colourful.”

“Would definitely recommend to others.”

These comments were all made by delegates who attended our in-house ‘Customer Care’ modular training programme as part of their ongoing personal development with Stephensons Solicitors LLP