Effective Telephone Negotiation

What did you learn that you anticipate using?
“Outlined different styles of negotiation and the way the body and brain respond to a situation.”
“To adapt different styles of negotiation and be mindful of my trigger points.”
“The need to assess the person you are liaising with and tailor your responses accordingly.”
“Adapting the way I speak with clients and defendants. Also changing my technique to work with defendants based on the file handler’s personality.”
“To adapt your tone and speech in each situation to reflect those that you are talking to.”
“Some valuable pointers with regards reading a person over the phone and gauging the best negotiation style to adopt.”

Most valuable thing learned?
“How to control your brain in order to stay in control of a situation.”
“To shadow others with a more collaborative approach to negotiations.”
“How people negotiate with third parties depending on their personalities and how we can adapt using these different styles of negotiation.”
“The importance of your tone of voice and not to lose control of the situation, regardless of how the other side are acting.”

Enjoyed the most?
“Good, upbeat tone to the training; honest approach and made me question tactics that I use.”
“Learning about different personality types and how to use these to your advantage.”
“The trainer’s personality – he was very friendly and got everyone involved and it was not a simple boring presentation.”
“The training was pitched in such a way as to engage and entertain.”

Other comments:-
“The trainer was really good. I enjoyed and appreciated it – it helped me think about myself as a person more and what things I should do/not do when calling defendants.”
“Mike Ode should be invited back to run more training sessions in the future.”
“Excellent training – light and fun whilst also being educated.”

These comments were made by delegates who attended the ‘Effective Telephone Negotiation’ bite-size training workshop, as an in-house event with Roberts Jacskon Solicitors.