Law Firm Support

“Mike Ode of Potential Unearthed has delivered training to my staff numerous times over the last few years. As soon as you enter the training room you realise it is no ordinary training session. Mike’s training will have you up on your feet, working in sub-groups, and completing mini-projects that feed-in to the subject matter then illustrate the learning and output.

The content I have asked Mike to deliver to my teams has included development of Managers, improving client care, and developing quality/standards. The package is always capable of being tailored to my specific personnel needs or operational requirements, so it is not just an off-the-shelf session. Potential Unearthed offer great support in the planning stage to ensure that delivery will meet the learning objectives. The offering perfectly complements other internal or external training/CPD resources.

His training style is relaxed and informal, but engaging and informative. The feedback from delegates has been consistently positive and I have no hesitation in recommending Mike to other employers, particularly law firms, as someone who can improve the development and quality of Managers and staff.”

Steve Bradley, Operations Manager, Hampson Hughes Solicitors.