Managing Successful Projects

“Would recommend – learnt a lot. Felt confident to plan a project through to the end. Made me realise other areas to consider when approaching a project. Adapted to the audience well/understood audience needs and background.”

“Well delivered – good balance of visual aids, discussion and active learning. Very approachable presenter – felt comfortable to share ideas and have discussions. Didn’t feel judged. Well structured.”

“Engaging and informative. Will definitely put elements into practice. Good starting point to refer to when dealing with project management. Useful and adaptable.”

“Very informative – made me look at my current project with a completely new perspective!”

“Well engaged session. Was though provoking and helpful. Found it useful working in smaller groups. Introduction to project management skill-sets that I hadn’t done before. Made me consider aspects previously not considered.”

“A great session. Very useful and can be adapted to future projects.”

“Really good, structured session – will definitely help to guide planning of future projects.”

“Mike was a great teacher as always!”

“Very useful, helping to break down thinking process with the project to more effectively manage. Made me think about areas I had not really considered, e.g. the real impact on stakeholders. Good systems to maintain workflow.”

“I found the tools and resources really useful – I’ll definitely be using these on my next project – thank you!”

These comments were made by delegates who all attended an in-house training session with the NHS.