Modular Development Programme

“Best training I’ve been on. Exercises broke the sessions up and every exercise had a meaning behind it. The style of the training was really good and not boring. Learnt things that I would never have linked up with customer service. The useful points I’ve learned are: Rapport, comfort zones and effective communication skills. I’d love to go on more training with Potential Unearthed.”
Natalie Thompson

“The trainers are friendly and make you feel at ease the minute you walk in the room. They make learning fun and the training never got boring but at the same time, I still learned lots of techniques to use when dealing with customers. I took more of the stuff in because it wasn’t killed by power point. I would definitely recommend the training to anyone and all in all I would give the training and especially Mike a big 10 out of 10!”
Joanne Elder

“Really enjoyed this training. Learnt a lot about my customer service skills and how to improve them. Sessions and trainers were fun, making the courses useful and enjoyable.”

“Very relaxed and easy going. Mike is friendly and approachable. I have learned to understand customers behaviours and empathise more – very useful. Trainer is very knowledgable. Sessions go very quickly. Would recommend them to anybody.”
Adam O’Sullivan

“I have found the training very useful. I’ve learned that even though I have worked here for seven years, it’s good to refresh and go over how to treat customers. The style of training is a LOT better than most I’ve had – no sitting in front of power point slides, you get involved. Mike the trainer is lovely – professional but also very funny and easy to be around. I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone and would happily come to other training sessions.”
Laura O’Reilly

“The sessions were fun and informative. They make you think about the entire customer experience as both a customer and a user of the product/service. The sessions did not feel dragged out and the trainers encouraged people to work as a team and share their ideas. I think the training has been very useful and I will look to put things into practice which I have learned.”

“Mike is a cool cat – loved the whole training course, we don’t want it to end, EVER! I would recommend it to anyone. I’ve learned a lot on it and most I will take away and use in my everyday job role. Thanks Mike.”

“Trainers made me feel comfortable and at ease. Not the normal type of power point training. All the exercises were engaging and encouraged teamwork and gave opportunities to open up conversations and actions. I have a better understanding of how to tailor my behaviour and questioning to suit my customers and their circumstances.”

“Excellent refresher training sessions for customer service roles. Sessions were enough time to keep information interesting but thorough. Style of training was great, informal but informative. Great knowledge/style of trainer. Learnt to be more aware and focussed on customer requirements. Fun! Would definitely recommend Potential Unearthed.”
Nikki Lowe

“This training has been fantastic – really laid back and engaging. Really makes you think about how you deal with customers and situations. Stop, start, continue exercise was very useful. Would recommend.”

“Training was brilliant. It kept me alert and wanting to learn. The style of training was excellent; I would definitely recommend Potential Unearthed. Best training I’ve ever received.”
Kate Plunkett

These comments were all made by delegates who attended our in-house ‘Customer Care’ modular training programme as part of their ongoing personal development with Carillion Enterprise (-Now Carillion Amey)