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26th June 2022 / 0


One of the best trainers I’ve come across, very knowledgeable, helpful and entertaining 👍

Here at PU, we’re very proud to be a delivery partner for Lancashire Constabulary.  We recently delivered a comprehensive two-day programme for their 1st and 2nd Line Managers.


Here’s a selection of their comments: 


👊  I don’t really like going on courses but I really enjoyed this one and it was mostly due to how the trainer, Mike, ran it. Although you had discussions around your respective table there was no pressure or expectation for you to speak out to the whole room if you didn’t want to, which made the experience more relaxing and enjoyable and allowed you to take part fully without the dread of having to speak out to everyone. The trainer was brilliant, he effortlessly had everyone’s attention and explained everything clearly.


👊  This course was excellent, it provides a real insight on leadership and was delivered really well. The gent (Mike) delivering it was really knowledgeable and passionate and made all aspects interesting and relevant. The course flowed well with all the different aspects linking well together. Altogether one of the best courses I’ve been on.


👊  I think Mike was a wonderful trainer, was brilliantly understanding during the course, got involved in fantastic conversations/debates and provided great information – he was clearly very knowledgeable and interested in the subjects he spoke about which was great when questions were asked. He explained things thoroughly. Overall I really enjoyed the course.


👊  Mike Ode was a brilliant trainer. I hope that I see him again in the future on other courses. A subject which could have been difficult to deliver was managed by Mike brilliantly. Just taking time out to reflect upon what we were doing and how we could improve helped.


👊  Mike’s delivery was very good – he got people involved, which can often be difficult.


👊  One of the best trainers I’ve come across, very knowledgeable, helpful and entertaining.


👊  I do hope Mike, the trainer, is looked at for other future training sessions. His style and interaction with the students was excellent and kept everyone interested for the full two days



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