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2nd June 2018 / 0


Public Speaking Skills

“I have known Mike for a number of years and I knew that I didn’t need to look around for alternatives, when I recently made the decision that we needed some help. I thought my presentation skills were alright and I considered that I was getting by ok, but I know we can always improve.


Mike carried out a full day of training with two of my colleagues and me, and I have to say I came out of that session feeling that I had gained an awful lot.


I had a presentation to do that same weekend and I did what he said, rehearsed it fifteen times (I was sick of the sound of my own voice!) tweaked a few things that Mike had mentioned, and on the day, even though I say it myself, it was a hundred times better than anything I’ve ever delivered before. Absolutely recommend Mike and his team, without hesitation. “


Gillian Nuttall; Founder, Melanoma UK


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