Management – It’s a mind game

Meet Mark. Mark has managed his team of 15 for two years. His mantra is, “I treat everyone the same, that way they know where they stand.” He doesn’t manage his team members as individuals, with individual needs, wants and drivers. Everyone is treated the same. If the Potential Unearthed team were to get hold of Mark, we would undoubtedly tell him that he was missing a trick!
As a manager you have a choice – like Mark, you either tar everyone with the same brush, or you take time and effort to work out how the individuals in your team tick. Remember, everyone is wired differently.

When I’m out and about coaching and training I spend so much time chatting to clients a little bit like Mark. I continually challenge them to find out more about their team as individuals. Here’s a few suggestions that normally come to the surface during our discussions:

Find out what motivates them so that you can tap into their drivers and motives
How do they like to be communicated to? Some like to be spoken to directly, some a little more sensitively. Do they like to receive information verbally or written down?
How do they prefer to learn? Some like to be hands on and have a go, while others like to sit back and reflect before getting stuck in.
Are they more introverted than extroverted? Who in your team likes to work alone, who feeds off other people?
What tasks are in/outside of their comfort zone? How can you push them into their stretch zone without pushing too far into their pain zone?
…and the list goes on.

We are not sheep, we don’t come with this information stamped on our foreheads, so our advice to Mark would be to sit down regularly with each of his team members on a 1:1 basis and chat with them to find out how they tick. Once he’s done this he can then proactively tap into the strengths of each individual and potentially work with them to develop areas that they might not be so strong in.

This of course takes time and patience, but ultimately it’s Marks choice whether he does it or not. If he chooses the easy route of ignoring the opportunity then sadly for him he’s missing a huge trick.

Do you need a hand helping your managers to understand how your team is wired? Why not get in touch now for a chat to see how we can help, or contact Mike direct on 07825 301660.

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