Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Sharon marched around the office as if she owned it. Sharon had a very direct management style and she knew it. Adopting this style helped her to feel in total control. If she took time to reflect, Sharon would probably say that she was direct, blunt, respected, well liked and someone who ‘got things done’.

Sharon’s team lived in fear of her. They continually felt intimidated as she strutted around the office. They disliked her inability to listen – apparently it was ‘her way or no way’. They would all agree that departmental targets and goals were met each month but that it would come at a cost, mainly zero morale and zero motivation. If the team were to assess their glorious leader, they would probably say she was far too blunt, that she wasn’t respected at all and that she was someone who wasn’t particularly liked across the business.

It would appear that Sharon has a serious lack of self-awareness. She really has no idea what everyone really thinks of her.

We all work with managers and colleagues who don’t realise how their behaviour is impacting on other individuals around them. The big question is, are you one of these people? Are you suffering from a lack of true self-awareness?

Brew Time…
Grab a brew and take 10mins to answer the following questions. Then take action to work on the areas that you feel you need to develop on to become more self-aware. We use this exercise a lot on our courses and it can be a real eye opener.

In my current role, what are my personal strengths?
What are my weaknesses/areas for development?
How can I make my manager & colleagues aware of these to help me give of my best?
List 3 words to describe how I perceive myself at work.
Now list 3 words to describe how I think my colleagues perceive me at work.
If any differences, what are the reasons for these?
In what ways can I find out how they really perceive me?
How can I pro-actively improve/maintain a positive perception of myself at work?
In what ways can I become more self-aware of my colleagues thoughts/feelings/behaviour?
In what ways can I personally become more self-aware of what’s happening in the wider business, i.e. improve my ‘bigger picture’ view?

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