Presentations – It’s all about the 3 Greeks

Have you got a presentation on the horizon? Your biggest challenge when designing and delivering your presentation is making sure you engage your audience.  Lose them and your presentation is likely to fall flat on its face.

To make sure you tick all the boxes, follow the 3 Greeks:

  • Ethos – Is all about your credibility.  Are you demonstrating/explaining your experience and expertise as part of your presentation? Failure to do this will lead to your audience thinking “What does she know?”  “What experience has she in this anyway?”
  • Logos – Is all about logic and reason.  Have you supported your argument via evidence and hard facts to support your idea/message?  Failure to do this will leave your audience thinking “So what?” “It’s a great idea, but there’s no evidence to support it”.
  • Pathos – Is all about hearts and minds.  Are you making an emotional connection with your audience?  Failure to do this will leave your audience thinking “Great idea, but I don’t like him” “I like the vision, but there were too many graphs.  He didn’t seem to care what we, or the team thought”.

The PU View

We love this tool and use it a lot when designing our presentations. It’s so simple and gets you to focus on all three areas instead of focusing on just one.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be delivered in this order. For example, you may start at ‘Logos’ by tapping into hearts and minds as an attention grabber. It all depends on your audience and the presentation you’ve been asked to deliver.

Book Recommendation

The Presentation Book – How to create it, shape it, and deliver it’ is a great book, covering everything you’ll need to know when creating a great presentation.

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