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Micromanagement – Don’t be a jack-in-the-box

Posted on 21st March 2019

Steve was like a jack-in-the-box.  He would sit at his desk chomping noisily on his favourite bourbon biscuits and then bang, he would bounce up out of his chair to

Communication – Do you offer enough clarity?

Posted on 6th March 2019

I’ve been lucky down the years.  I’ve worked for plenty of managers who treated me and others with respect.  More importantly, they made the brews and even bought cakes on

Self-Justification – Slam the brakes on!

Posted on 19th August 2019

I wouldn’t regard myself as a liar, well, maybe the odd white one but nothing major.  This all changed though when my son was born.  He was just a few

Management – Some need a clip around the ear

Posted on 6th November 2019

Having good manners and respect was something that was drilled into me from an early age. I can recall on more than one occasion feeling the full force of a

Personal Resilience – Proactive v Reactive

Posted on 4th March 2016

I was stood on the 8th Wonder of the World last week – Platform 2 of Chorley Train Station. I stood in the freezing cold waiting patiently for the 7.33am

Oh no, I think I’ve done a Ratner

Posted on 4th March 2016

By 1991 Ratners was the world’s largest jewellery retailer and Gerald Ratner was the head of the family business. I can imagine him sitting up into the early hours laughing

Managing Conflict – Preventing it all from kicking off

Posted on 1st March 2019

Karen was notorious for flying off the handle, especially when faced with conflict. Her pupils would turn green and she would explode into a ranting rage. Her fists would immediately

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Posted on 2nd October 2018

Sharon marched around the office as if she owned it. Sharon had a very direct management style and she knew it. Adopting this style helped her to feel in total

Self-Management Check Up

Posted on 14th October 2014

Darren works in Finance. The Finance team has recently grown in size and Darren has struggled to adapt to the ever-growing team. He lets his feelings known at every available

Management – It’s a mind game

Posted on 4th June 2018

Meet Mark. Mark has managed his team of 15 for two years. His mantra is, “I treat everyone the same, that way they know where they stand.” He doesn’t manage