Work with us

Associate Training Boffins:

Do you have what it takes to join our team on an associate basis? Ask yourself the following questions in our quick fire quality screening quiz…

  1. 2000px-check_sheet-svgCould you live and breathe the PU vision, passion and ethos? (-see rest of website for more details)
  2. Can you bring creativity, new ideas and training vibrance to compliment our already diverse team and our core offering?
  3. Do you have relevant training experience, with any added specialist skills, accreditations or key strengths?
  4. Could you put up with Mike’s bad jokes, office pranks and exhausting but truly infectious lust for laughter and life in general?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then we’d absolutely love to hear from you. Use our ‘Contact us’ form so you can drop us a line to say ‘Hire me now!’

Partnership Working & Collaborations:

networkingHere at PU HQ, we love to connect and work with like-minded professionals, some who compliment what we do and some businesses who just inspire us so much, that we are true advocates of what they do, and whom we are more than happy to recommend.

Either way, we’re always open to a coffee and a chinwag to see how we can help each other (-and we’ll even bring the cakes!) If this is you, then do give us a bell, drop us a line or use our ‘Contact us’ form at the top of this page – we’d love to hear from you.