Developing your Leaders and Managers

Our comprehensive range of development courses and programmes have been designed to cater for three key tiers within Leadership and Management; First Line, Middle and Senior. Here’s the of the sort of approaches and areas we may be able to help you with…

performance manageWaiting in the wings?

If you’ve got a crop of ‘aspiring’ managers eager and waiting to take the next step, then why not contact us for a chat about how we can design a development programme that not only ties in with your internal succession plan, but will also help your business to retain key individuals on their career development journey.

Modular Development Programme?

Our extensive delivery experience proves that phased, bite-sized learning over a period of time, with opportunities for delegates to practice and reflect in between each session is a really practical way to ensure that the learning sticks.  Our modular based sessions, which we work with you to develop, are tailored just for you so that your bespoke programme targets exactly what you need and is delivered in a time frame that suits your business.

download-3Heads, Hearts and Minds…

We often get asked to facilitate team ‘health checks’ where the whole team is invited to take a step back and reflect candidly and objectively on their team’s challenges, successes, relationships (-and usually more), so that they can openly discuss and agree positive actions to build a stronger, healthier team working environment moving forward. From teams where there’s an obvious disconnect, to high performing teams, we’ve facilitated them all and we’ve yet to work with one who hasn’t benefited from this intervention.

One-Off Course?

If it’s not a structured programme that you need right now, we can also design and facilitate stand-alone events that compliment your ongoing internal learning agenda.

Fancy a One to One?

Our highly skilled Executive Coaches are available for personal one to one Performance Coaching, should this be the desired option.  The great thing about coaching is that you set the agenda, you tell us how many sessions are needed, along with what you want to focus on and we will work together to help you achieve your goals.

Here’s a flavour of our courses…

We deliver a whole range of courses and programmes, (-in fact far too many to list here)  so here’s a sneaky peak of our top 6 most popular leadership and management courses

  1. Conceptual image - success of teamwork. Objects isolated over whiteThe Self-Aware Leader
  2. Developing and Managing a Culture of Trust
  3. Managing your Stars, Steadies and Slackers
  4. Developing a High Performing Team
  5. ‘The Bigger Picture’ – How to be a Strategic Leader
  6. Meeting Challenging Conversations Head On

For a more in-depth chat about any of our courses and programmes, along with your exact requirements, get in touch with us using the ‘Contact us’ form on the right, or click here now for our full contact details.