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Developing your Employees

Need a hand developing your teams? Our comprehensive range of development courses & programmes have been designed to help nurture and hone the personal skills, behaviours and attitudes of your employees and increase confidence, productivity, engagement and motivation levels to name but a few. All can be delivered face to face or virtually.  Click here for more details of our virtual offering. 

Here’s the sort of approaches and areas we may be able to help you with…

Modular Development Programme?

A modular programmes is a fantastic way to develop, as it allows individuals to learn over a period of time, meaning they have the opportunity to reflect, put into practice and hone their new skills as they go. That way, the learning sticks. 

Our modular based sessions, which we work with you to develop, are tailored just for you so, that your bespoke programme targets exactly what you need and are delivered in a time frame that suits your business and your people.


One-off course?

We appreciate not every client wants, or can afford a lengthy training programme, so don’t worry if that’s you!  We can also design and deliver one-off courses that fit the bill. Why not get in touch for a chat to see how we can help.


Fancy a One to One with PU?

If you prefer to learn on a one-to-one basis, either face to face, or virtually, then you’ll love our performance coaching sessions. The great thing about coaching is that you set the agenda, you tell us how many sessions you’d like, along with what you want to focus on and then we’ll work together to help you achieve your goals.  

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Here’s a flavour of our courses…

We deliver a whole range of courses and programmes, (-in fact, far too many to list here!) so here’s a sneaky peak of our top 6 most popular Employee Development  courses:

  • Improving your Personal Resilience
  • Proactively Embracing Change 
  • Presentation Skills  
  • Train the Trainer 
  • Assertiveness & Confidence Building
  • Taking Personal Accountability



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